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Market analysis: market region structure, sales channels, competitor research, market opportunity identification.

Self-analysis: brand description, technical characteristics, product style, market positioning.

Trend analysis: fashion trends, materials and colors, local and global markets, etc.

User research: user preference demand, man-machine behavior research, etc.


Concept design: Brainstorming, design stories, concept sketches, etc.

In-depth details: 2D detail expression, 3D grass mold, material and color, product graphical interface, etc.

Perfect design: 3D detail rendering, structural feasibility inspection, ergonomic analysis, manufacturing method analysis, 3d data creation, etc.


The key point of structural design is to optimize the assembly mode of the product, ensure the appearance and control the cost of the product and the multi-dimensional consideration structure innovation thus reflects the product differentiation, so that provide guarantee for the smooth landing of products.