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Company Profile:

Dongguan Nanyan injection molding Co., Ltd. is located in the mold manufacturing capital of China -- Dongguan Chang 'an, providing customers with new product development and design, precision mold design and manufacturing, injection molding processing, half finished product/finished product assembly, post-process treatment, oil injection, screen printing, vacuum plating, water plating, water transfer, etc. quality supporting services!

The company has excellent geographical location, less than 10-minute driving from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway Chang'an exit, across the river from Shenzhen, adjacent to Guangzhou, Huizhou and Zhongshan. The traffic is very convenient!

With years of development, the company's processing equipment has been relatively complete!

The types are as follows:

Mold processing equipment:  CNC, EDM, Sodic, punching machine, precision grinder and milling machine.

Injection molding processing equipment (tonnage of the machine ranges from 30T to 1500T) : NISSEI, SUMITOMO, HaiTian and Lanson.

Quality inspection and guarantee equipment: secondary microscope, gear testing machine, projection measuring machine, dynamic balance tester, hardness tester and salt spray tester.

Post-processing equipment: screen printing machine, pad printing machine, ultrasonic and automatic oil injection line.

Four StrengthsChoose Nanyan technology help you to save time, energy and cost!

Nanyan help to accelerate the development of new products into the market, to ensure the injection molding mass production stability.

  • One
    One stop
    Product development,Injection molding,secondary processing
  • 21 days
    Short term for mold manufacture
    Fastest 21 days
  • 30%
    Save cost
    The mold opening cost is 30% lower than the traditional
  • Quality
    Quality assurance
    Quality assurance agreement can be signed